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Title: * An Interview with Dr Anand Narvekar *
Post by: theqca on February 24, 2014, 11:42:17 PM

Dr Anand Narvekar is a Dental Surgeon and a photographer as well as a PCI forum member who's photos have won critical acclaim and a number of awards over the past few years.

He's a Mumbai resident who travels all over India with his camera to keep adding to his impressive portfolio.

I met him for the first time at Owlekarwadi in Mumbai when we planned a photography meet up some years ago and we've remained friends since then even though we haven't met up for photography as often as we'd like to (inspite of living quite close to each other) due to conflicting schedules.

I've known him to be a thorough gentleman and a meticulous planner who works things out to the minutest detail. He is passionate about his photography to the extent that he will spend hours just to get the right angle, timing or light. I've personally observed him shoot on numerous occasions and he's one photographer who's got an immense amount of knowledge about nature and conservation but at the same time he is modest and humble...always willing to help new photographers with identifying a particular critter or giving out a tip or two while shooting.



How did you start off in photography and which was your first camera?

My father was used to use a film slr camera Richo SR500 with 50 F/2 lens from 1982, so later during my graduation days I started using it.
I got some valuable inputs / basic tips from my uncle (Mama) and then started clicking using the camera. 

Shooting with a film camera made my basics strong and this continues to help me in this digital world of photography. It was really fun shooting with film where there was no margin for errors. The photos would either be good or bad, nothing between them and no photoshop too.

What made you fall in love with photography? Any early inspirations?
From childhood till I graduated I would always watch my father and my mama's wonderful clicks, so their photos inspired me to start photography.
I started traveling a lot after I graduated and was amazed to see the beauty of nature in our country and thought of capturing it. This made me fall in love with photography.

I?ve seen a variety of different genres from you over the past few years but is there any one particular genre or sub category in photography that you are particularly passionate about and why?
Macro photography has really amazed me after I purchased a dedicated macro lens as there are a lot of unseen, tiny wonders in the world and seeing them through a macro lens gives me great pleasure. 

In addition to this, macro photography in India sort of lags behind compared to other countries in the world. So I decided to do something in this field that would make a difference in terms of nature conservation and photography.

For the past one year I have been concentrating more on high magnification macro photography and developed a keen interest in clicking butterflies eggs.

What sort of equipment do you usually shoot with?

I currently use a Canon 5D Mk 2 and a Canon 7D for my camera bodies.
Lenses used in my macro / close-ups / critters / butterfly photos are Canon 100 L Macro, Canon Mp-e65 and a Canon 100-400
For Automobile and Landscapes I use a Canon 24-105 & Canon 16-35
I?ve also got some flashes & accessories that I use for my macro work.

What do you feel is more important ? gear or skill? What are your views?

Of course SKILL. This question is often ask by people and they tell me ? you own some of the best gear in the world so it?s easy to get photos without any effort? but people don?t understand the study and the hard-work that is is needed for each and every click.

Buying  good gear is very easy , but you can?t buy skill , for that u have to do a lot of hard work and over the years, practice and slowly develop the skills needed by making mistakes and learning from them.  You learn through experience by looking at the work of other photographers - good as well as bad . I have seen a lot of good work done even with a point and shoot camera. My first photo which won some recognition at a Canon contest is clicked by a cheap lens.

Apart from skill you also should have a fair amount of  knowledge ( mainly related to behavior) for each species that you are going to shoot. This will help you click them in a beautiful and more artistic manner. 
To give you a simile - you can buy Sachin Tendulakar's BAT but by doing that you can?t  play like him :)

Can you share some photographs that you found very challenging to shoot and give us some details around them please?
1.   Vine snake - This snake was very angry (as u can see in the photograph) and was moving a lot, so getting a focus lock was very difficult.  I was able to shoot just one photograph and luckily due to the use of a ring flash, was able to get some light through his mouth to capture this frame with the details you see here.


2.   Damselfly - This is a very rare species found only near unpolluted stream water. Light was low and the angle was very odd. Because of it black color, exposure was very difficult to handle plus he is not sitting at one position. The 5Dmk2 with its high ISO capabilities came to my rescue, I shot this at ISO 1000, F/8, 1/60, Flash fired with a 2nd curtain. You can observe that due the flash fill, pink stripes on wings are clearly visible.


3.   Common Nawab Butterfly Egg ? This egg is very tiny in size approximately 1.5mm , it is infested with wasp. To show the inside of the egg, I had to place a wireless flash in a manner where it was in a perfect place & position. It took a lot of time to click with the level of perfection that I wanted to achieve. This was taken with my Canon7D with the MPe65 at F/16 and set to 5:1 magnification.


4.   Emerging larva of a Palmfly butterfly ? I waited for 3 hrs at a stretch to click this perfect pose while it was emerging from the egg shell.


5.   Commander Butterfly Wing Close up ? New emerged butterfly wing - full close up photo made up of 9 photographs.

6.   Monkey Puzzle Butterfly Mating ? A Butterfly mating photo is always a difficult task  due to their odd position and placement. You have to shoot at more than F/10 to get them both in focus.

7.   Mumbai SeaLink on 26th Jan 2013 ? Was not carrying a tripod at that time (was lazy) and timing was very important so I kept the camera /lens on a bag and clicked by just experience, confident that I will get the photo I want .  Can u believe it ?. This photo was taken with a Canon 100 macro???  Canon 5Dm2 @100mm F/4.5 ISO 400 , 6 sec , 1/3 stop under.

 How do you find the time to balance your dental practice and photography? Particularly keen on knowing this since a lot of people complain that they don?t find the time for photography.
Getting no time for photography or your hobby is clearly excuse ........ if you want to do it seriously and you have that passion for it , you will adjust your time.
 Twice a month (on Sundays) I make it a point to go out for photography.

Any advise that you can give to photographers who are keen on specializing in macro photography?
The main or basic rule of parallelism has to be followed. This means that the subject and camera sensor / lens should be exactly parallel to each other to get everything focus.

"Perfect" Exposure , Depth of field , light & shadows should be considered before clicking. Basically, pause and think for 2-3 sec before pressing the shutter button.

Some points to keep in mind or tips for some of our members keen on shooting butterflies?

Let the butterfly settle first before you take the shot, choose the best focal length to shoot eg. For a large butterfly use a tele , for smaller butterflies use a macro lens.
Maintain the rule of parallelism that I?ve mentioned earlier to get everything in focus. Avoid black background if possible.
For a 100mm macro use F/8-F/11 to get everything focus. For a telephoto that is between 200 to 400mm F/4-F/5.6 is sufficient.

Can you tell us about some photographs of yours which have won awards or been featured in exhibitions / magazines?
1. After featuring this photo in Better Photography Aug 2009 (center page) Canon Go Green Contest, I became a bit more serious in my photography.


2.  Reflection 2009 Sakal photo competition Subject - Woman, Judge - Gautam Rajadhakshya

3. Chasing the light International Macro Photo competition 2011 - came 3rd



4. DP Dental Practice magazine Feb 2012 - Dental/ Wildlife - came 2nd


5.  Pugdandee Wildlife Photo contest 2013 Best Tiger Photo


6. I?ve also won a lot of photo competitions on the world famous DP review website, but this was special reward in the world top interior and hotel room photo competition 2013


7. 1st prize in Harmony Art Photo competition Sep 2013


8.  Cover page on Top Gear Malayalam Nov Issue - Range Rover Sport 2014 photoshoot


9. Cover story, center spread, Photo features about Butterfly Eggs in the BNHS Hornbill magazine Dec 2013 issue. This is first time in India where butterflies eggs were photographed and shown to people and published.


What are the mistakes that you made when you started photography?
I am still making mistakes and learning from my mistakes ........ not paying attention regularly to the camera settings through my viewfinder. Earlier I used to carry a limited selection of equipment because of the heavy camera bag , but soon I realized that I was missing lots of shots so now I always carry all my gear.

Which is your favorite photo location?

Ovalekarwadi  Butterfly Garden Ghodbandar Road Thane near Mumbai is my favorite place , it?s a rewarding experience to shoot here due to the large variety of species available from butterflies , caterpillars to insects , birds. Recently I clicked a rare Chameleon too.

Could you share some details on future photography projects or trips that you have planned?
I am planning to capture most of the butterfly eggs found in and around Mumbai/Maharashtra region. Till date I?ve captured more than 55 species of eggs. Recently I tied up with one famous Dental education institute in India for a Dental photography workshop. This will be first time in India we will be covering a genre like dental photography on large scale.
Trips - I am planning to head to the Panna National park in April and do a Western ghat tour in Aug/sep.

You also run a successful photography travel company ? can you share some details on what sort of photography tours do you organize?

My company is called Kedsan Adventures and I started it 6 years ago. The company is targeted towards nature lovers and offers tours of exclusive locations across India. Every year we plan 2 group tours in April/May for tigers, and in July/Aug for reptiles and amphibians. For the last 3 years my company has become famous for adventurous honeymoon tours.

On behalf of the forum, I'd like to thank you Doctor Anand for your time and patience in sharing these details with us. We're proud of you...keep clicking and sharing your photos with us..its always a pleasure to view them :)

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Awesome interview...absolutely loved it.
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Maza agaya! Learnt new things about Dr Anand (already knew 70%).

This forum is truly unique! Cudos to people who work so hard behind the scenes.
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A very revealing and interesting interview. Made great reading. A true example of dedication for a hobby.
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Very nice insight.
Thanks Dr. Anand and the mods to get such a segment going on.
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Superb Interview Ayaz.  :like:
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Lovely interview :)

Please continue to do this on a bi-monthly basis... Such amazing insights.. 
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Brilliant interview ! Thanks doc for taking the time and effort to do this interview and share some insights into photography.   :like:
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It was a rare honor to be privy to a private conversation between two greats.
The insights provided are rare and not done on any forum before. Kudos!

A Clap your way and a request to Doc Anand to keep mentoring the site..........

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Post by: drshahdilip on February 27, 2014, 12:37:33 PM
i know Dr.Narvekar and have been with him for a couple of shoots ,he is always ready to help with some imp tips..
his photographs are truely a visual delight..
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Post by: aatifsumar on February 27, 2014, 09:57:29 PM
Wow. Enjoyed that.
Love how you and other Photographer-Doctors are able to balance work with your hobby, and in this case even a travel company. Shows how much better we can use our time. And that there's truly no excuse as 'I had to time'
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Enjoyed the flow.Great skill. I know he is always ready to guide.
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Thanks Ayaz for bringing us that insightful interview,,,,
Dr Anand, wonderful tips...your imagery is way up there!
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Brilliant show Ayaz & Dr. Anand! Thanks for sharing!:)

Very impressive feats achieved by you Dr.Anand! :like:
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थैंक्स अ लोट

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Thank you, Dr. Anand, for sharing your journey, your insights, your splendid work, and your inspiration with everyone here on PCI.

Thank you Ayaz for your part in making this wonderful interview with Dr. Anand come about.  We are all the better for it.  What a treat.

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Very informative. Thanks PCI, Dr. Anand and Ayaz!
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Thank Dr. Anand and Ayaz

Maybe u can add his picture too...
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Thank you Ayaz for sharing the beautiful, informative interview with Dr. Anand Narvekar!
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A 9-10 month old interview & I missed it. Anyway, better late than never. Thanks Anand for sharing your experiences and excellent photos & to Ayaz for bringing us this interview.
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This is really inspiring..thanks for the post..!  :like: