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Feedback - FROWNS
« on: January 05, 2014, 01:47:00 PM »
Hello Forum.

In support of Membership interest for feedback we have initiated two sticky threads for Member Feedback within the Buy and Sell Forum.

This one, FROWNS, is for feedback for transactions which did not go so well.

Members who choose to participate in this thread are required to write only a brief, civil, matter of fact report about their transaction, identifying the Member with whom they were involved, but in no wise using profanity, disparaging names, or otherwise attacking the other participant's person. One must simply state transaction facts, observations of how things went, and an opinion of how they should have gone. That's it. Facts.

Readers of this thread will be left to draw their own conclusions from stated facts, without emotionally charged sentiments fogging a clear understanding of the situation.

This process will be monitored by the Moderators to assure that it adds value for the Membership. Posts of an uncivil quality will be removed without comment. In order to keep this thread as useful and concise as possible, comments which do not add pertinent facts are subject to be removed.
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