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Author Topic: Lightroom - Part 1 - Getting started - cropping and correcting a tilt  (Read 1416 times)

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Getting started

I?m going to move onto the actual post processing bit to give you an idea of how things work and will cover the lightroom (LR) catalogue, presets, meta data, setting up the workspace and other modules later

On the top right hand corner you would see some headings like


Think of these as different parts of LR each of which serve a different purpose.

For now we stick to just 2 of these ?parts? ? 1) Library and 2) Develop

Click on the one that says Library. This is where all your photos will be visible when you ?import? them into LR

On the top left hand corner you?ve got headings like File, Edit, Library, Photo, Meta data etc etc.

We?ll cover these in detail later ? for now lets just move on to getting a photo into LR and processing it.

So Click on ?library? on the top right hand corner, then click on ?file? from the top left hand corner. Choose the option that says ?Import, photos & video?

Once you've got the photo into LR or rather "imported" the photo it should be visible to you in the "section" that says library (located on the top right hand corner). You'll notice some post processing options visible to you in this section on the right hand side of your screen - ignore these for now.

Click on the top right hand corner section that says "Develop".

You will now move into the main post processing section of LR.

You should now see your photo in the centre of the screen with a long list of post processing options visible to you on the right hand side of the screen. Each of these options are grouped together and the list of options can be expanded or closed.

As mentioned earlier, in LR  you can work on your file in any order ? it doesn?t matter. So you can maybe do the cropping / whitebalance last and sharpening first etc etc?everything is automatically in layers however the post processing options given  on the right hand side of the screen are in an order most people would follow ? so there are basic options first like cropping, WB, exposure etc grouped together then Tonal Curve, HSL, Split toning, Details etc etc.

I usually go in the order I?m mentioning below. If you feel like using some other order ? feel free to do so.

On the right hand side the first bit starting from the top is the histogram. I personally don?t like graphs because they remind me of work however this is one graph that I?ve been forced to look at. I?ll cover the why bit when we?re doing some exposure corrections

Below the graph you?ll see some icons. The first one of which looks like a square box with lines in it. If you keep your cursor over that box it should say ?crop overlay (R)?

This is the tool i use to correct the tilt in the horizon as well as crop the photo. See screen shot below for how it looks.

Next to where it says "aspect" there is a lock icon. Keep it "locked" and try cropping the photo - the aspect ratio of the photo will not change. If click on the "lock" and move it to the unlocked icon and then crop the photo you can change the aspect ratio. Give both options a try to understand the difference. I usually crop without changing the aspect ratio.

What i like about LR is the grid lines that are there on the screen when you are cropping - so you can check for where the subject is located as per the rule of the thirds.

Click on the edge of the photo and move the sliders to crop it in any direction you want.

There is an option on the right hand side that says ?angle? and there?s a slider next to it. Move this slider and your photo will ?turn? for you to correct a tilt in the horizon that you ended up with while shooting. I like the gridlines that come up with you move the slider ? it gives you a good idea on how much is the tilt.

Below the Angle Slider you will see 2 options called "reset" and "close". Do not confuse these with the 2 buttons called "previous" and "reset" which are located at the bottom right hand corner - those are for resetting everything. Use the buttons which are titled reset and close and these are a part of the cropping / tilt correction tool

Click on reset if you want to delete all the changes you made for cropping and correcting the tilt. Click on close if you are happy with the changes and want to go ahead.

As mentioned earlier - everything is in layers so you can always come back at any point in your post processing workflow and redo the cropping or angle / tilt correction.

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Re: Lightroom - Part 1 - Getting started - cropping and correcting a tilt
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Good start Ayaz.  :like:
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Re: Lightroom - Part 1 - Getting started - cropping and correcting a tilt
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Well done Amigo!
Muaaaah!!!  :o :o :o :o
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Re: Lightroom - Part 1 - Getting started - cropping and correcting a tilt
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Good start for sure!
I am all ears!
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Re: Lightroom - Part 1 - Getting started - cropping and correcting a tilt
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Good starting. Should help a lot of guys getting their feet wet with LR.