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Video Tutorials | B and H
« on: October 30, 2014, 03:19:40 PM »
Sharing the videos from B an H Event Space. This an event held in New York by B&H Photo Store which features eminent photographers from world over giving out photography lectures. More info here.
There are quite a lot of videos covering lots of different topics. I have tried to consolidate them and tried to put down few thoughts about the video which I think can be helpful in selecting the videos as per your liking. They have a dedicated Youtube channel also.

Lighting & Portraiture

In Camera Artistry: Using Any Light Source by Jerry Ghionis
This video [posted by Vikram earlier] introduced me to Jerry. Been a fan ever since. Must watch for using lights for portraits. You can get an understanding of light, in general, as well. There are ample tips which can be used for portraits of any kind anywhere.

Direction of Light: Your Key to Better Portrait Photography by Neil VN

General portaiture and using direction of light. A must watch for event photographers.
Look out for his on camera flash techniques. Also, the shade and open sky thing which he speaks about. Something Lisa Holloway and Meg Bitton use too.

The Basic Headshot by Peter Hurley

Had watched this quite some time back. Remembered it was good. It is basically about an headshot and he shows few tips tricks about his signature style. There are few more videos by him on F-Stoppers which are better but paid.

Off Camera Flash by Bob Harrington

Lighting for Portraiture by Dave Piazza
These two videos have been grouped as I find them identical. Both are simple videos for someone starting out. Both show a couple of nice lighting patterns though. Good watch for someone starting out with flashes.

Secrets of Great Portrait Photography by Brian smith

Watching this currently. Looks good.


The Elusive Grand Landscape by Moose Peterson
This video was shared by Vikram earlier as well. Moose Peterson talks about landscapes in general and I had liked the video but have forgot specific points right now.

Beyond the Snapshot: Fine Art Landscape Photography by Miles Morgan
This is nice video by Miles Morgan. He shows his digital blending technique as well. Watch out the part when he says, "Landscape photography does not pay:)

Creating Dynamic Landscape Photographs by Tim Cooper

Have not watched it yet. But looks pretty good.

Composition Basics

Better Photographic Composition - Beyond the Rule of Thirds by David Brommer

David Brommer is a part of the group arranging the Event Space. Although, I don't like his photos personally, the video makes sense. There are a lot of useful compositional elements he discusses and relates to Art.


Posing Everyone! by Jerry Ghionis

The first video by Jerry made me search other Jerry videos and I found this gem. This has helped me a lot overall to direct models, couples and people getting photographed in general. Highly recommended.

Posing by Bambi Cantrell
This is not a part of the BnH Event Space but it is a very useful posing video. Jerry also mentions Bambi in the above video. Quite useful.
If you still want more videos about posing kindly refer this & this. Do let others know how useful these were.

Generic photography talk

Scott Kelby's Photoshop for Travel Photographers
I found this video entertaining, to say the least. If not a great photographer, he is a very good teacher and helps people learn.

Finding Photographic Style by David Brommer
I don't like this video. But I have put this out of curiosity if people like it. I like the point he is trying to make but few photos he shows completely turned me off.

Being Creative and Getting the Shot by Frank Doorhof

This is a general lecture. Didn't help me much. But you guys may find something to pick up here.


An Introduction to Photoshop CS6 - Learning the Basics of Photo Manipulation

Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer
These two videos talk a lot about processing using Photoshop. Don't really remember which one has what tools. But if you use Photoshop, these two videos are recomended.

Getting Started With Lightroom 5

Optimizing Photos in Lightroom 4
These videos about Lightroom have good review. I have not watched them as I do not use LR.

Do post the tutorials which you have watched and know are good. A short description of the videos after watching shall also be helpful for others as well. I shall keep on aggregating the videos in the first post and also adding new videos which I watch.

PS: I have downloaded all the videos mentioned above and can happily pass them on in return for a few beers  ;) ;) ;)
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Re: Video Tutorials | B and H
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2014, 06:03:22 PM »
Thanks for sharing these Gautam, will be useful for most of us. :like:

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Re: Video Tutorials | B and H
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2014, 09:55:39 AM »
Some of them sound interesting...I'll take a look :)
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