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Author Topic: Fujifilm releases new cam X-T1 with the 'world's fastest Real-Time Viewfinder'  (Read 3588 times)

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I am also considering Xt-1 as a serious contender for my next camera body purchase, the other one is 7d Mark2, I mainly shoot portraits, streets and a lot of low light shots.

It seems its hard to find stores that sell fuji, can you guys tell me the prices at which you got the kit and other lenses for?

I noticed this camera after seeing Zack Arias backing it everywhere and using it for professional assignments, I wonder why people here take it only as an enthusiast camera, just because it isnt full frame?

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They are very difficult to get in India because Fuji is simply not serious about this market. I am struggling for lenses and almost always have someone carry stuff in for me.

I bought the X-T1 kit with 18-55 (excellent little lens)
Bought a 10-24 through Fuji (they had 1 piece in India and I hurriedly ensured it reached my local dealer by calling all and sundry in Fuji)
Bought a 56mm f/1.2 off a person on JJMF...lucky find!

I am looking for a 23mm f/1.4 now but no luck so far with Fuji. I might get it hand carried from Singapore.

Lovely hardware but what is the point if people cannot buy them!?

I've been begging Fuji for an x100T for my wife...now I have just resigned to using "Kuruvis" to bring them in.
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