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How To Develop Film
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How To Develop Film
Here is what you need:
Chemicals:  Kodak T-Max Developer and Fixer.
List of ingredients:  Vinegar, rubbing alchohol, and water
Materials:  Measuring cups, Timer, Storage Bottles (labels, charts, and mixing ratio on the bottle are very helpful), Wire, a Completely Darked out room, Binder clips, Pillows and blankets to put under door and block out light, Bottle opener, Small plastic tube from a pen, Roll of tape (for a weight), Film reels for developing (choose appropriate size for the mm of film you are using, and a Container large enough to hold the film reel and has a water tight lid
Tools: Plyers, and Scissors

My developer: Was 1 part concentrate to 4 parts water. So Mix it up and store it in a bottle, I like using gatorade bottles cause they are thick and sturdy. Before you put anything in any of the bottles wash them with hot water so no sugary residue will be left on the film. I also put labels on the bottle along with timing charts. It is a good idea to use different bottles cause in the dark you cant tell the difference in the dark.

The Stop Bath: is simply 1 part vinegar 4 parts water, and it stops the film from developing.

The Fixer: is probably the most complicated cause you cant mix all of it up at once. It has a shelf life of two months. It is also a weird ratio. From what I can remember it is 0.8 fixer powder to 3 parts water? All fixer is different so figure out the logistics of all the chemicals you have purchased.
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Re: How To Develop Film
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