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Author Topic: Kumartuli.. Dur hato Photographers.  (Read 926 times)

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Kumartuli.. Dur hato Photographers.
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:17:24 PM »
May be you know. But still just trying to get your attention on this topic friends. I believe all photographers in India knows the name of Kumartuli at Kolkata. Its the production center of Gods  ::).  & also some mind blowing pictures to. I guess 90% amateur of Kolkata start their photography journey from here. Once it was a sweet relation in between Kumartuli & Photographers. But since 2 years , it changed. They are trying to keep photographers away from here. The put a ticket counter there & forcing us to buy a 10Rs ticket to do photography. Yes its not a big money. Any one can spend it. But is it right to sell the permission for 10Rs. My office is near Kumartuli. & i visit so many times there. So i know the real fact. Actually 2 fact. Few think we do photography to sale the picture. We all are professional. So we should pay them, because we earning on there place. & Few others are actually fade up with all this new photographers who don't respect there surroundings. I felt that few there actually appreciate photographer only if they maintain some manners. Experience Photographer don't take snapshot there. They wait, think, blend in the environment , then shot by using ambient light. Kumors don't hate this kind of photographers. But the new photographers has some peculiar rush to get a photo that can achieve 100LIKE. They just get in the studio, use flash, lough, shout .Not only the kumors, if it was you, you also get angry. Just because of them today every photographers suffer. Making an urge to all photographers (New or Old). Please when you visit kumartuli, just show some respect. Don't forget you are at some one else`s house. People says "Atithi Devo Bhava" . Act like one. They will only give respect/love, when u will earned it.
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