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Author Topic: Need Help, Leading Hindi Newspaper steal my photo and published in newspaper  (Read 374 times)

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Hii Friends, I need your help. I am popular youtuber and stockist photographer. A leading Hindi Newspaper steal my photo and publish it in their daily newspaper without my consent and without paying me anything. I will never know about this theft if i didn't find it in google search. Here is the details :
"If such a cheap thing had been done by someone else it would not be much disappointing but the mistake is done by one of the leading and prestigious Hindi Newspaper publisher in India. it is extremely surprising, tragic and condemnable. Dainik Bhaskar Hindi newspaper, which is a reputed name of Hindi journalism, without taking my permission and without paying me anything, printed my photograph in their newspaper article (click on this link to see the photo : https://www.bhaskar.com/news/HAR-HIS-OMC-noc-expected-to-meet-first-time-people-able-to-capture-5704818-NOR.html) The photo is from the thumbnail of my YouTube video (Here you can see the thumbnail photo they stole from me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BIWcSrDN3c ) This example is perfect for understanding the condition of the photographers in this country. how is the injustice done to the photographers. Where the photographers make lakhs and crores of rupees in other countries for their creative arts and hard work, photographers in this country has to face many difficulties in combating for two time meals for their family and for living a better life nor they get proper money for their hard work, and many times big companies use their photographs even without giving them money or credit. Is not it embarrassing? And keep it in mind that they don't need to pay big amount to buy a stock photograph, Generally stock photographs are so cheap that many sites sell them photographs only for 25-50 rupees only. I am also associated with stock photography (you can see my profile here at my shutterstock profile : https://www.shutterstock.com/g/azadjain1 ) and it is very sad to see such things. Does the publication of prestigious Hindi newspaper like Dainik Bhaskar do not have such small amount of money that they try to snatch rights of the photographers? If this work is done by mistake then why did it happen? It must be check it out. This did is completely unethical and wrong. Why is there so much difficulty to pay money to photographer while you are earning money yourself? Does Photographer not have home or family? Do not they have the right to live a better life? Does not they have to bear expanses? Does Only you have rights to make money? Such thinking is wrong and should be opposed. Although many News Agencies are very good and help the photographers, but some institutions still doing wrong. Common photographers should raise their voice against such wrong things. Not only news agencies, many big corporate, colleges and schools in the country also use stock photos of photographers for their projects without getting permission or without paying any money. they use their photographs in their projects. these things are wrong And is illegal. For this, it is important to aware the common people to avoid doing such acts. you are doing injustice to hardworking photographers. He clicks thousands of photographs and hardly get one perfect photograph but despite so much effort and bearing expanses, you give him neither credit nor give him money for his hard work. is not it wrong? If you agree with me, please share this message as much as possible, so that awareness can be found in the people. Thank you for your cooperation. (please share my facebook post if you agree with me : https://www.facebook.com/azadjain001/posts/10155186200413870)"