Author Topic: SONY A7R IV - First Impressions  (Read 591 times)

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SONY A7R IV - First Impressions
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:10:41 AM »
Hey everyone,
Receiving the sony a7R IV last week 1month earlier than expectd, I was really excited to test it during a hike in austria the last days. Especially the advanced autofocus options caught my attention. The 61MP sensor really does a great job when you need to crop your wildlife and macro photography images. Hopefully Sony will add the possibility to use animal auto focus in video mode and 4k60 via a firmware update...
In the following video, I show my first impressions. During the hike last week I took a lot of nice macro photos and also did some tests, like shooting the moon;)
What do you think about this camera? Probably noone really needs thats a camera like this, but it's nice to have;)