Author Topic: Wildlife Photography with Sony a7R IV and 200-600mm in Madagascar  (Read 422 times)

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Hey everyone,
the last two weeks I spend some time in the primary rain forest of madagascar: Masoala,
Discovering the incredible wildlife of madagascar with my new gear: the sony a7r iv and sel200-600mm telephoto lens. I was able to photograph and film several species of lemurs, mouse lemurs, chameleons, bats, frogs and many other animals in their natural environment. In this video I want to share the most interesting discoveries and also my camera setting I used to get the best image possible. The 200-600 really delivered great results, although the lighting conditions were really bad and the lens just offers an aperture of 6.3. I also did a lot tests with my sony a7r4 trying to find the best setting for the auto focus.