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Re: Mountains up n close
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Jasii, Try this link instead


You have such a wondrous land there in India.  It's a joy for me, half a world away (Atlanta), to see such breathtaking views through the eyes of capable imagemakers such as you and many of our fellow Members are.

I also resonate with the idea of there being a need for something of interest up closer.  Maybe a shrub, or something of compelling color, or shape, or something with human interest or some such to convey a sense of scale. Of course, such "spice" should be used with care. There is the risk of the image becoming obviously contrived, as was often done in the early days of color photography in magazines like National Geographic.

Back then Nat Geo photographers would oftentimes introduce brightly colored elements into a scene to make it more interesting to readers seeing Kodachrome images in Nat Geo Magazine.  From this came the name "The National Geographic Red Shirt School of Photography". 

You might find wikipedia's description of it interesting:

Happy day.

Thank you Henry ji! India is well n truly spectacular!, and thank you for the kind words, reading your posts is always refreshing and educative, I shall keep the fg part in mind and Thanks for the link, shall peruse in a bit.

Nice pic Jasii.

Here's how a foreground element turns a good pic to great:

(it's a pic posted on the NatGeo site... I'm not embedding it here as I think it's inappropriate to do so to someone else's pic)

Yes Sir! point about FG noted. Clicked on the link, got to see a Zebra kick with the saying that the page does not exist.

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Re: Mountains up n close
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You might find wikipedia's description of it interesting:

Happy day.

Very very interesting link.. never had this information before... now i have to go through Nat Geo online archive...  ;)
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Re: Mountains up n close
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Good Try